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Pace of Time | By Genie & Master
A saga about the life of a Man, from Birth till Death. In this song the drums are replaced by a heartbeat.
In Memory of all the Soldiers that didn't return from the Battlefield. 

Pulsing and pulsing the veins of new creature 
Measuring months as been seen by the preacher 
Life that was born with desires to feature 
Born to arrive… 
Born to arrive… 
Beating and beating the rhythm of powers 
Measuring seconds, minutes and hours 
Think of this tiniest segment of ours 
Clinging to life… 
Clinging to life… 
Pounding and pounding the hope of all living 
Measuring moments and years that are leaving 
Whole generations of people believing 
Hope to survive… 
Hope to survive… 
Pierce through the endless reflections of mirrors 
Measuring fragments of light falling near us 
Flickering shadows to cut like the shearers 
Flash of delight… 
Flash of delight… 
Rolling and rolling the wheels of the history 
Burning through flesh of the land that has missed me 
People are turning to dust in a mystery 
Finally Cry… 
Finally Cry… 

Tapping and tapping the gates of the heavens 
Measuring deeds versus sins, six and sevens 
 Wishing the scales to tilt up to our favors 
Asking to pass… 
Resting at last… 

Singing Performance: Nadia Solomonoff

Lyrics: Oded Edward Yudovin

Melody: Genie & Master

Musical Arrangement: Reuven Hayoon

Audio Recording: OOV High Edge Studios

Video: Genie & Master Productions

Graphics: Genie & Master Studios

Creative team: Nadik & Edik

© All Rights Reserved