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Goddess of Success | By Genie & Master
About a girl who has finally found the right one... A lover and a friend. 

Earth is below and the stars are above 
Looking ahead for the future 
Feeling approach of a wonderful love  
Flicker in my mind 
Sitting together and sipping our drinks 
Small talk and usual nonsense 
Wishing I only could guess what he thinks  
Past is left behind 
A-Aha, Goddess of success 
Wish me luck, I’ll do my best 
A-Aha, come for me to stay 
Fill and light my day 
Round the clock 
On the Milky Way 
A-Aha, Goddess of success 
Found my luck, oh what a bless 
A-Aha, make it never end 
No point to pretend 
Found the one 
Lover and a friend 
Oceans below and the sun is above 
Years passing by in a distance 
We are together in friendship and love 
Nothing can apart 
Hearing the thread of a beautiful sound 
Looking towards new tomorrow 
Sirens are tying their curious bound 
Conquering my heart 
A-Aha, Goddess of success… 

Singing Performance: Nadia Solomonoff

Lyrics: Oded Edward Yudovin

Melody: Genie & Master

Musical Arrangement: Reuven Hayoon

Audio Recording: OOV High Edge Studios

Video: Genie & Master Productions

Graphics: Genie & Master Studios

Creative team: Nadik & Edik

© All Rights Reserved