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Counting Lessons | By Genie & Master
Country style funny story about a girl who has learned the facts of life from her Granny
When I was just a little girl 
Playing dollies all in all 
Granny taught me self-control 
to protect my heart and soul 
When a man that you adore 
Turns up rotten to the core 
Take some air, pick up your gun! 
Then just count from one to four… 
Give me one good reason, not to nail you to the doors 
You have two feet left, so hit the road on all your fours 
Tell your three old buddies, with this girl you could not score 
Scram to four directions, never see you anymore! 
Never see you anymore! 
Dated once the handsome Jack 
Saw him stealing someone’s truck 
Picked my gun, gave him a smack 
Counted four, wished him a luck 
Met this gorgeous stud Sam Morris 
Caught him with my best friend Doris 
Got my gun, no time for worries 
Count to four, don’t sell me stories! 
Since my Granny taught me spell 
Counting lessons, you can tell 
My whole life has turned so well 
Thank you Granny, ring a bell!  

Singing Performance: Nadia Solomonoff

Lyrics: Oded Edward Yudovin

Melody: Genie & Master

Musical Arrangement: Reuven Hayoon

Audio Recording: OOV High Edge Studios

Video: Genie & Master Productions

Graphics: Genie & Master Studios

Creative team: Nadik & Edik

© All Rights Reserved