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Be like a Bee | By Genie & Master
Positive vibes song, inspired by William Shakespeare's Hamlet quote "to be or not to be". Now we all know where did he take this idea from...
Never tired, all day long 
Picking nectar, sing along 
Buzzing, dancing, spreading fun 
Sing with me and be all one 
I wanna be like a Bee 
I wanna see like a Bee 
I wanna sing like a Bee 
And even sting like a Bee 
When you feel blue, come to me 
We’ll sit along at the sea 
Throw all your pain and be free 
Then you will be like a Bee 
Out we fly, a swarm of bees 
Honey lovers, if you please 
No one dares to block our way 
If you like us, join and stay 
I wanna be like a Bee… 
Don’t be sittin’ all alone 
Don’t be chewing this old bone 
Be like bee, or not to Be! 
Be like bee or never Be! 
I wanna be like a Bee...

Singing Performance: Nadia Solomonoff

Lyrics: Oded Edward Yudovin

Melody: Genie & Master

Musical Arrangement: Reuven Hayoon

Audio Recording: OOV High Edge Studios

Video: Genie & Master Productions

Graphics: Genie & Master Studios

Creative team: Nadik & Edik

© All Rights Reserved